Hooky Car Club – Join Now

The Hooky Car Club runs three waste oil powered cars – two VW Polo diesels and a larger Skoda Octavia Estate. The club is run by Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd. and supported by Moorcar, a community co-operative based in Devon.

Book your car on the internet for any period between one hour and a week, collect it from the village and go where you like. Cars can be booked well in advance or at a moment’s notice.

To join you need to have held a full driving licence for at least a year with less than 6 points. You need to be over 20, and you need to be a member of Hook Norton Low Carbon. The Terms and Conditions can be viewed on the Moorcar (www.moorcar.co.uk) website.

There is an annual fee of £60 (some members qualify for a reduced fee of £30) and a refundable insurance deposit of £100.

You pay 24p a mile, and £2.95 an hour (or £24 a day) to use one of the Polos – all fuel included. For the larger Octavia, you pay 27p per mile, and £3.50 an hour.

How To Join


1. Join Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd by downloading , completing and submitting an application form (membership fee £1).


2. Register as a member of the Hooky Car Club by entering your details on the Moorcar website and printing off the resulting Driver Insurance Declaration form.


3. Contact the local coordinator at carclub@hn-lc.org.uk who will tell you if you qualify for the reduced first year annual fee and arrange to see your driving licence.


4. Send your signed Driver Insurance Declaration form, a photocopy of your counterpart (paper) driving licence and a cheque made out to Moorcar for £160 or £130 (if you qualify for a reduced subscription).


5. Once everything has been checked you will be ready to book the cars.


For further information email carclub@hn-lc.org.uk or phone 07753325014



The VW Polo at the Hook Norton School