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Smart Hooky Project – update on installation

We have now successfully installed monitoring devices in19 properties. Unfortunately 5 couldn’t be installed due to the lack of space in the meter box.

The seven nodes connected to the East End substation are also sending back readings, so this is fantastic. Further work is on-going with the other substations.

We will soon be collecting the data on our web platform, and I will let you know when this will be ready for you to view.

Whilst we are testing all the equipment, we may need to access the nodes on occasion. So to keep household disturbances to an absolute minimum, we are only planning to carry out further installations of the nodes in the East End area w/c 27th February and in other areas if the meter box is located outside and easy to access. Other properties (under the Bourne Lane, Station Road and Southrop substations) will be done towards the end of March.

See below the pictures from an installation (before and after) showing how the monitoring device looks like.

Before installation
After installation










I would also like to thank all the people who have taken part in the trial so far. We still need about 100 households to take part in the project. So please don’t hesitate to talk to your friends and neighbours, the more individual data we have the more meaningful it will be for all the participants in the project.

Many thanks

Delphine Wolfe
Consumer contact point for Smart Hooky

For more information about this project, please visit the Smart Hooky pages on this site, read our FAQs or e-mail any questions to smarthooky@hn-lc.org.uk.

If you are interested in being part of the Smart Hooky trial, please complete this consent form.