After almost a year of technical development and debugging we are at last starting a next stage in the Smart Hooky project. We have installed equipment in the main 11 substations of Hook Norton and 47 monitoring nodes in residents’ properties (in their meter box) to measure electricity usage. This is an exciting time as the data is now flowing back to a central point where we can analyse it and share it with the residents of Hook Norton. Participants of the trial are able to view their own data whilst other people in the village will be able to view the overall electricity consumption of the village as well as the consumption of the different substations and identify peaks of electricity usage. You can already see the average participants consumption for the last 24 hours at

Further participants required

In order to make the data more robust and understand better the electricity usage patterns of the residents, we are now looking to install a further 100 monitoring nodes in people’s meter boxes in the areas of STATION ROAD, EAST END, BOURNE LANE and SOUTHROP. So if you live in one of these areas, whether you feel you have a typical or unusual electricity consumption, please get in touch to take part in the trial.

Community event: Tuesday 12th March – 7:30pm @ The Brewery

We have already held a very interesting community meeting last Wednesday with residents taking part in the trial to give them their login details, so that they can have access to their data, and to discuss how they could use the data. We are holding another community event on Tuesday 12th March at the Brewery at 7:30pm. This meeting is also open to people who may be interested to take part in this trial, so if you live in one of the 4 areas mentioned above and want to find out more about the project, please come along to the meeting.

Prize draw for new participants

As an incentive, new participants will also take part in a prize draw:

1st Prize:                              Eurostar voucher              £150
2nd Prize:                            Restaurant vouchers          £70
3rd and 4th Prize:             Village shop vouchers        £30

The draw will take place once we have sufficient nodes installed.

If you are interested in this project and/or would like to come to the meeting on Tuesday please could you contact Delphine Wolfe on 01908 354533 or e-mail