The skies are clearing, wildlife is returning to ever clearing water ways, the majority of air travel is cancelled and a barrel of oil is now so worthless it has a negative value. Is our planet trying to make a point here?

In the weeks since the coronavirus lock down global carbon emissions have dropped by 5% year on year. This may not sound like a lot but 2020 was on track for a rise in carbon emissions so this number is actually more significant than it first appears. The most significant difference comes from emissions with cities like New York and London seeing you to 50% reduction in emissions. Of course this is mostly down to less vehicles on the road.

Our planet has a way of regenerating itself over time and one can’t help wonder if this Coronavirus pandemic is nature’s way of firing the warning shot across the bow, and perhaps making the point that we are only the current tenants of this planet, and that we’re alarmingly close to not getting our deposit back. 

Even in the countryside the clearer air quality is noticeable. Looking up at the skies on the amazingly clear days were currently having there is a distinct lack of contrails in the air and even when doing our essential shopping trip into Banbury the air quality just seems remarkably better. The pollution isn’t something we had particularly noticed, but when it’s gone or greatly reduced it becomes blindingly obvious.

What’s most concerning is that one day in the near or distant future life will return to normal and our new found environment will once again revert to its polluted former state. 

This begs the question – what can we do to keep our planet happy?

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