At the outset I’d like to acknowledge that for many people COVID has been a real hardship and I personally know people who have lost loved ones in this pandemic. I appreciate that it’s only those of us who feel that they have been living in a Hooky parallel universe, to some extent, that can even start to think about what we’d actively want to keep from the current “New Normal”.

Over the last few weeks environmental groups, cycling organisations, proponents of increased home working and the national media have increasingly been talking about the potential positives that might come out of having to respond to COVID. Allowing embedded norms to be broken and allowing us all to think what we would want to be our own routines in the future.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see as part of the “Hooky New Normal”.

Here are a few thoughts to stimulate your creative thinking:

  • Encouragement to take exercise every day – whether a walk, a bike or a Hooky e-bike
  • The friendliness and helpfulness of neighbours (A special note at this point for Hooky Neighbours, I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard people say “Hooky Neighbours has been a real lifesaver”)
  • Time with the family
  • Making fewer journeys / not having to commute
  • My personal favourite is looking out of the bedroom window in the morning hearing the birdsong loud and clear with no noise of traffic on the roads and seeing those fantastic blue skies of late with no jet trails (Can you spot the passing crow and the moon rise against this pure blue sky)?

If you have thoughts on how we might realise these new normal, we’d love to hear them. For example, I mention how I love those blue sky views from my bedroom window. So the part I can play in that being sustained is by flying less, a lot less. I’ve enjoyed miles of bridleways and quiet roads by bike. It’s been a valuable reminder of just how fantastic time in Hooky is!

But at this stage don’t worry about whether you have thoughts on how to achieve this “Hooky New Normal” or whether you feel the changes are too difficult to achieve. Just help us to paint the vision of what you’d like to see for our future.

Please send your thoughts and ideas to

If you think this might be a topic that you’d like to talk about in a “virtual HNLC open meeting” again just email to let us know and we’ll organise one at the end of June.

Tim Lunel