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Why did I choose an EV?

Long ago, when we had three children living at home who played rugby and cricket and went on expeditions for D of E and needed to be fetched and carried, we bought a second hand seven seater VW Sharan. It was great and very adaptable for either lots of people or lots of luggage or […]

What do we want to keep in “The Hooky New Normal” ?

At the outset I’d like to acknowledge that for many people COVID has been a real hardship and I personally know people who have lost loved ones in this pandemic. I appreciate that it’s only those of us who feel that they have been living in a Hooky parallel universe, to some extent, that can […]

What Is Profit?

What Is Profit? Hook Norton Low Carbon is a limited company, but is also a not-for-profit organisation. It’s sometimes difficult for those of us used to money making businesses throughout our working lives to think through a somewhat different profit model. We obviously need to balance the books, but the real measure of our success […]