“I think the car club is great – it’s a real godsend for us!” – Isabel

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank the scheme for the fantastic asset of the Hooky Cars that I have made such good use of over the past few months for several reasons.  My mother and father and law have been visiting us from Australia but due to the rather strange ways of the car insurance companies here I have been unable to add them as temporary drivers to either of our cars in order for them to be able to get around without having to depend on us. Having use of the Hooky Car has been fabulous, it has given them real independence, plus given that my wife Kerrie has been quite ill and doesn’t feel well enough to driving them sometimes, they have even been able to drive her when required.

The other fantastic use to which we have put the Hooky Car scheme is helping in our recent house move within the village. We moved all of our large stuff in a truck but we have been able to move lots of boxes and smaller things, especially using the Skoda estate car, which has a very large capacity with the back seats down.

So, in both these areas, we have made very good use of the Hooky Cars and really appreciate having such a convenient, easy to book and use, and such a useful service in our village. We have really appreciated having it available to us.” – John