Hooky Car Club would like to confirm that the HNLC vehicles are all available for booking for those who still need transport for essential journeys for the limited reasons outlined in current government advice.  Please be aware that the Blue Polo is now at the Rope Way / Southrop end of the village.  We are still having problems with the charge post at the Sports and Social Club, and would like members to email us if they are unable to set up a charge on either side of the post.
In response to the current Government guidance on the outbreak of the coronavirus in the UK, Hooky Car Club has taken the following measures:

  • We will be providing tissue and 70% alcohol sanitiser spray in each vehicle for you to wipe down all touched surfaces at the end of your usage.  Please feel free to do so at the start of your booking as well.  If these items aren’t in the car, please email us so that we can contact the previous user and arrange replacement.
  • We ask that all users remove used tissue along with any other personal belongings and waste as per the Car Club agreement.  Sadly we do sometimes have complaints from members who find waste left in the vehicles, and at the moment it is even more important that the vehicles are left clean and tidy.
  • Each vehicle will have instructions added to the paperwork on the clipboard to remind you to use the sanitiser.  Please be sure that is clearly visible for the next user.
  • Please follow NHS advice on how to minimise the spread of the virus from person-to-person, and what to do if you suspect or have confirmed infection.  You can visit https://www.nhs.uk/ for the most up to date advice, which is particularly important if you have visited a high risk area.  Please follow official government guidance on whether you should be travelling/self-isolating.  If you need to self-isolate, please do not use the Car Club vehicles until the period of self-isolation is over.
  • Please let us know, without delay, if you become unwell within 14 days of using a car club vehicle, so that we can take appropriate action to thoroughly clean the car.