A condensing boiler uses the heat from burning the fuel (oil, or gas) and the residual heat from the flue gasses to heat water, resulting in much lower temperature flue gasses and some condensation, water, that is drained away.

Installing a condensing boiler can save on your fuel bill as Condensing boilers are up to 90% efficient, therefore for every £1 you spend on your fuel bill, your boiler will have been effective at providing you with 90p of useful heating and hot water, with 10p being wasted. An old non condensing boiler  is typically 55% efficient, therefore wasting 45p in every £1 you spend on your gas or oil fuel bill.

All boilers fitted in the uk since 2007 have bee the condensing type, but if you have an older type of boiler (and good insulation etc..) it makes sense to consider upgrading your boiler and saving energy.

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