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Hooky Car Club run a fleet of low carbon vehicles for the benefit of the community and the environment

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The Benefits

From only 28p per mile

(plus 60p per hour)

Go Green

Some of the greenest cars around!

Available 24/7

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Membership lets you enjoy the convenience and comfort of your own vehicle at a fraction of the cost. Our cars are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are conveniently located in Hook Norton at four different locations. Wherever you are in the village there should be a car close to you, they can be booked in advance or at the last minute through our online booking system.

Our cars are some of the greenest around! Our Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe’s are EV’s (Electric Vehicles) which are charged at locations with large PV (Solar Panel) installations. Our Mitsubishi Outlander is a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), which is capable of electric-only running for about 20 miles. The PHEV gives our users the ability to carry passengers or kit further afield using a combination of electric and petrol propoltion.

An average user should expect to pay around £11.00 for a hire. Hire costs include: fuel, road tax, Insurance, servicing, MOT, and roadside assistance. All you need to do is drive! With Hooky Car Club: If you’re not using the car, you’re not paying for it.

The Cars

We run a full fleet of modern plug-in vehicles, allowing you to drive a environmentally friendly vehicle without the high price tag!

Our four cars which are dotted around the village and these can be booked instantly through our online booking system. The benefit to the Hooky Car Club is that the car you use can morph from:

Nissan Leaf (30kwh)

Our Nissan Leaf is capable of 100 – 125 miles*

* dependant on weather conditions and driving style

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (10kwh)

Our Outlander is capable of 20 electric-only miles* and has a combined range of 350 miles* with the petrol engine

* dependant on weather conditions and driving style

Renault Zoe (22kwh or 41kwh)

Our black Zoe is capable of 80 miles* where as our white Zoe is capable of 170 miles*

* dependant on weather conditions and driving style

BMW i3 (33kwh) REX

Our i3 is capable of 120 miles electric only miles* and a combined range of 210 miles* with the petrol range extender

* dependant on weather conditions and driving style

The Cost

Membership is £5 a month, with hire costs at 60p an hour and mileage rates between 28 – 44p depending on the car you hire.

An average user should expect to pay around £11.00 for a hire. Hire costs include: fuel, road tax, Insurance, servicing, MOT, and roadside assistance. All you need to do is drive!

The average person in the UK spends £284 a month to run their car; that figure goes up to £480 with some form of finance. Whereas on average our users pay around £100 a month; with our highest users maxing out at around £250 and some of our occasional users paying as little as £10 a month.

That’s their total cost with no hidden fees. With the Hooky Car Club, if you’re not using the car, you’re not paying for it!

The Feedback

I think it’s a complete liberation, not to have to think about MOT’s, Car Insurance and repair bills now… all of that has disappeared and I’m really really happy about it

Sarah – Hooky Car Club Member

I think the car club is great… it’s a real godsend for us!

Isabel – Hooky Car Club Member

It’s so simple to book the cars when I need them and the costs have really vindicated my decision… The Hooky Car Club is working really well for me.

John – Hooky Car Club Member

The Frequently Asked Quesitons

Is the car club running under the coronavirus lockdown period?

Yes – but please read the sanitisation instructions before you go to collect a car:

Can anyone join?

  • You need to be aged over 20 years.
  • You can not have been convicted for a serious driving offence
  • You need to have held a full driver’s licence for at least one year with (see the terms and conditions for permitted endorsements, claims, accidents, convictions etc).

Can I use it straight away?
Yes, if the website shows the car is free then it can be booked and used immediately. You can also book the car many months in advance.

How do I book the car?
Booking is done through our website which shows the availability of the car, we’ll give you a password when you sign up. It is really easy and takes less than a minute.

How do I contact Hooky Car Club if I have a problem?
Please call us on the Car Club mobile phone during normal working hours on 01608 611612 . We will do our best to find the best solution. Alternatively email us at carclub@hn-lc.org.uk .

How is my mileage recorded?
Your mileage is recorded on the tripsheet and collated at the end of each month. You can view your account of completed journeys and bookings over the internet at any time.

How will I be charged for use of the car?
Every month you will be sent a statement for you to make a payment by bank transfer.

How will I unlock the car?
A keysafe is situated near the cars and by entering a six figure code you will retrieve the keys.

Is there a membership fee?
There is a £5 monthly membership fee. Any additional driver from your household will benefit from a reduced membership fee of £2.50 per month.

What happens if I am going to be back later than the time booked?
Please try to ensure the car is returned within the reservation period. If you are going to be late, please call the next user or Hooky Car Club to minimise inconvenience and if necessary make alternative arrangements. There will be a fine for returning the vehicle late and unreported.

What about congestion charges, fines or tolls etc?
You will be responsible for the payment of all additional charges incurred whilst using the car. For example, parking tickets, speeding fines, fines for using the bus lane, congestion zone charges, parking costs, road tolls.

What about insurance?
You will have fully comprehensive insurance, but there will be an excess of £250 (or more in some circumstances) in the event of an accident. All the cars have roadside recovery and return to base breakdown cover.

Please notify Hooky Car Club if your circumstances change, for example receiving points on your licence or being involved in an accident.

What does the membership fee include?

  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • MOT, servicing and repairs.
  • Fuel
  • Breakdown cover
  • Wear and Tear

What happens if I have an accident?
If an accident does happen, report the accident to us and we will arrange for all the repairs and insurance issues to be resolved. If the accident is your fault then you will need to pay the excess charge. We aim to ensure that in the event of an accident there is minimal disruption to the member and service.

What if I notice the car is damaged before I set off on my journey?
Please check the car for damage before you set off and if you notice any, please report it to Hooky Car Club using the mobile number and complete the damage incident form in the tripsheet folder.

What if the car isn’t available when I need it?
Please let Hooky Car Club know and we try to see if another car can be made available.

What will this have saved me?
Using the car 7.5 hours a week on average will save approximately £1,500 a year on the cost of a reasonable second car – and you won’t have had all the hassle of cleaning, taxing, insuring and maintaining the car!

Where will the car be parked?
You will be shown the cars an their home locations when you join.

Who will fill the car with fuel?
Only the Outlander requires fuel. You will normally find the car already has some fuel, but if you run low then pay for fuel and retain the VAT receipt. Place this in the in-car trip sheet folder and you will be reimbursed on your next statement. If the car has a quarter of a tank or less please refill it before you return the car. The EV’s should be plugged in when returned to their charging locations and unplugged before use.

Will I have to use my own childrens’ car seats?
You are welcome to fit your own booster and child seats for children. We also have two avaliable to borrow, please email us at carclub@hn-lc.org.uk for more information.

Will the car be clean?
Yes. We ask all members to ensure that the car is left clean and tidy at the end of each journey. We will try to ensure standards are maintained. If you discover the car is messy before your journey, please advise us using the mobile number.