There are many of us that are looking forward to getting back to ‘a normal life’. COVID has changed the way a lot of us work. Our embedded norms have been broken but this has allowed us to think about what we want our own routines to be in the future. Do you really want to get in a car and start commuting again?

Working from home is not going away. Many companies are now reassessing the large costs associated with commercial offices, which have been mostly empty over the last 12 months.

Hook Norton Low Carbon (HNLC) are a mutual benefit society set up to benefit the community of Hook Norton and the Environment. As a low-carbon initiative HNLC have set up Hooky Hub, a sustainable co-working space here in Hook Norton which can be accessed on a subscription basis.

What makes it low carbon?

When it comes to co-working, benefits such as collaboration, convenience and cost are widely discussed. But coworking spaces also offer another upside: they’re more environmentally friendly than any other type of office space.

As a concept, co-working offices offer some level of sustainability that exceeds regular working environments. With different businesses and freelancers sharing space and amenities, coworking means less waste.

Using a shared office instead of separate offices means less heating, less electricity, less water used for amenities like dishwashers etc. Perishable supplies like milk and other refreshments get used up faster, so there is less waste there too.

Our co-working space has been furnished with 100% second-hand and up-cycled furniture. Travel to the space should be easy without a car within the village and our consumables such as cleaning supplies are all plastic free and zero-waste products.

We’ll also be running repair, craft and upcycling workshops and other exciting HNLC initiatives from the Hub in the evenings and weekends. We’re also very pleased to announce that Nothing but Footprints will be stocking plastic-free and zero waste products at the Hub so you can refill your own containers.

What’s Included?

Co-working subscriptions will include:

Co-working desk space at the HNLC co-working space

Secure WiFi

Access to a printer, scanner and photocopier

Booths for private calls and meetings

Sustainably and ethically sourced coffee and tea facilities

The Price

Pay as you go

£10 a day (minimum purchase 5 days), valid for 12 months

Subscription – 3 days a week

£45 a month for up to 3 days a week access, 3 month subscription

£35 a month if signed up for 12 months

Subscription – 5 days a week

£60 a month for unlimited access, 3 month subscription

£50 a month if signed up for 12 months

Subscription – Permanent Desk

£120 a month for a permanent desk, 3 month subscription

£100 a month if signed up for 12 months