Hooky Hub

Hook Norton Low Carbon (HNLC) are a mutual benefit society set up to benefit the community of Hook Norton and the Environment. As a low carbon initiative HNLC have set up Hooky Hub, a sustainable co-working space here in Hook Norton which can be accessed on a subscription basis.

How does it work?

Your subscription gives you access to our online booking system. Subscribers are required to:

Book a desk/seat in advance or;

Book a desk/seat on the day

You can choose from:

A sitting working desk  (one of 8)

One of our office style seating level. These are the white desks on the ground floor and offer at least 120cm wide working area (shown in green). Screens are available for our sitting desks; on a first come first service basis

A standing/high working desk  (one of 3)

One of our high level desks. These are the white desks on the ground floor and offer at least 120cm wide working area (shown in orange). Screens are available for our formal desks; on a first come first service basis.

A relaxed working seat (one of 7)

One of our relaxed seats. Either on the sofa or the ‘dinner table’ at the front of the hall, or one of the tables/sofa’s in the kitchen (shown in yellow). These are limited in numbers to give other users another area to have lunch/stretch their legs

A user should not be using the space without making the booking. Usage will be monitored on a monthly basis and any over usage may be charged at £5 (£20 for pay as you go) at the managers discretion. Subscription users can purchase additional days at £5 a day.

What if I want to take a private call?

Want somewhere to take a call?

Use our booth booking system to choose from:

A single booth  (one of 2)

High back acoustic booth seating. These are great if you want to take yourself away for that important phone call.

A meeting booth (one of 1)

Acoustic walls create a private area for a meeting or a larger booth for that longer call.

These will be bookable on a 0.5 hour basis. Please follow the guidelines below:

No more than 3 hours on one resource at a time

Booths should be for calls/meetings only and not used as a general working space

A email group will be made available to users for resolving booking conflicts.