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Interest Free Loans for insulation – act now

As of [echo]date (“j F”);[/echo] we have £20,000 left in the interest free insulation fund…

Feeling cold?  Do you realise that every penny you spend on heating this winter is buying heat that is escaping from your house.  If you had almost perfect insulation, you would need no heating at all, and if you had literally perfect insulation, you’d end up cooking yourself!

So, rather than spend your money on oil, gas (if we had it!), electricity, or wood, why not improve your insulation and save money every winter.

Insulation does cost money, but there are many deals about, and some people can still get free insulation, but if you want to insulate and need help with the cost, HNLC is ready to help.  We have set aside money to fund insulation projects through interest free loans.

ACT NOW – First thing to do is to find out if you can get financial or practical assistance with insulation, especially if you are on benefits.
Contact your energy supplier in the first instance, or try searching the internet for offers.  Free or subsidised schemes come and go, so we cannot offer any specific guidance on this.

If you can’t get free insulation, do not despair as money spent on insulation is the best money you can spend on your home, and HNLC has money ready to lend.

ACT NOW – The loans will be allocated on a first come first served basis, and the offer ends at the end of May 2014.

ACT NOW – Decide what you want to do (we may be able to offer advice), find out how much it will cost, and email us to apply.  No lengthy forms to fill in, just an email explaining who you are (you need to be a member of HNLC, but we can sort that out as part of the application), where you live, and what you want to do.  If your idea fits within the rules of the scheme, and we have money left, then the answer will be yes, and you will then need to sign a loan agreement, and we will transfer the money to you, and off you go.

We will fund loft, wall (internal, external or cavity), floor and door insulation projects
We will not fund double glazing, window or other projects via this scheme*
We can only fund projects that have not yet started
We can only fund projects that will be completed within 3 months (talk to us if this is impractical for some reason)
We will cover material costs for DIY projects
We can fund costs for commercially delivered projects, we will need to see a quotation before we release the funds, but you can apply before arranging these
Available for properties in Hook Norton and the surrounding area only
Three year payback only, 0% interest
No applications after end of May
No applications once the fund has been used up
Does not cover purchase of jumpers or wooly socks

*If your project doesn’t fit these rules, our standard loan scheme is still running for other types of project.

To apply, just fill in your details below:

We need your name (and membership number if you know it), address and what you want to do, and what it will cost.

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