Biodiesel is a fuel that can be used in diesel powered vehicles. The diesel you get from it is biodegradable and non-toxic. Waste-oil Biodiesel which is what we have in Hook Norton is a fantastic way of reducing your carbon footprint as firstly it’s using what would otherwise be a waste product going to landfil and secondly it only releases the carbon dioxide that the plants absorbed whilst growing, therefore there is no negative impact on the carbon cycle.  Not only that, but at significant saving* on the usual pump prices, another example of where Greener also means cheaper.

* prices will vary, search through “latest news” for the latest price update.

to check the compatibility of your car for using biodiesel go

land rover smallIf you then think that this is an option for you then please get in contact by using the form below ,we’ll then ask you to fill in the attached form and run through on site at the brewery how it all works.


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That’s a great point to pass on our thanks once again to James Clarke for the support he and the Brewery provide to HNLC with providing a site for locating the tank and a team to wire it all up – THANK YOU HOOK NORTON BREWERY!

Background on waste-oil biodiesel:

Biodiesel is made by chemically altering an organic oil (typically vegetable oil) through a process called “transesterification”. Essentially, the process thins down the oil to allow it to run in an unmodified diesel engine.

Biodiesel can be made from waste vegetable oil. This can be collected from chip shops and restaurants and processed to make biodiesel that can be used to run any diesel motor.
What many people don’t realise is that biodiesel is actually good for your car too. Unlike conventional diesel, biodiesel replenishes the lubricity, reducing engine problems and enhancing the life and efficiency of your motor. Biodiesel ‘s natural cleaning properties will also help to clean injectors, fuel lines, pumps and tanks, meaning that the overall maintenance costs are reduced.