Projects underway or under discussion include the following:

50kWp Solar PV at Ferris Hill Farm home of Banbury Plat Hire going live March 2016


Hook Norton Primary School

Hook Norton Primary School. 80 Photovoltaic (PV) panels on all south-facing roofs with a generating capacity of 17.4kW peak, 3 solar thermal hot water systems for the school’s hot water, heat recovery from the computer room (to come) and topping up of insulation to convert a poorly insulated glazed corridor into a usable space throughout the year.


Waste-oil biodiesel available in the village to all members of HNLC. This can blend with normal diesel and reduces carbon emissions by 75 to 80% for the same price as fossil-fuel diesel.

Low CO2 diesel pool cars via Hooky Car Club. We may also do some research into electric cars to test their suitability for our locality.

Investing in local renewable energy generation. (Met Mast being erected 15/11/2011)


Renewable ‘green’ electricity available at prices comparable to standard ‘brown’ electricity through an affiliation scheme that we have set up with Green Energy UK. 5% of any money spent is given back to HNLC to fund other projects.

Hook Norton Low Carbon have formed a partnership with The Phone Co-op to offer you a great deal on home phone and broadband. As a Hook Norton Low Carbon member 6% of your spend on calls and broadband will go back to the group to help them continue their excellent work in fighting climate change.