Hook Norton Community Energy Display Library

What is the Community Energy Display Library?

The Community Energy Display Library is a place where local residents can borrow energy display monitors to test out in their home for periods of up to 6 weeks at a time (renewable on request).

The purpose up of the library is:

  • help raise peoples’ awareness of their energy use, and reduce the amount they use, by making it more visible
  • encourage experimentation and build up a ‘buzz’ around energy issues in the community
  • contribute to the EVALOC research project which is investigating the role played by energy display monitors in raising people’s energy awareness and reducing energy use.


Hook Norton’s local energy display library is located at Hook Norton Primary School (Contact: Nellie Crouch Deputy Head Teacher Hook Norton C.E.P. School, Sibford Road Hook Norton, OX15 5JS. Tel 01608 737379)

What is an energy display monitor?

An energy display monitor is a small and simple gadget that shows you how much energy you’re using in your house, how much this costs you and how different appliances affect your electricity usage and energy bills. Most energy display monitors allow you to see your electricity use in units of energy used (kilowatt hours), cost or carbon emissions. Some have additional features that let you set daily electricity use targets or alarms to alert you when you’ve used a target amount of electricity. (NB: Energy displays do not send information to your energy supplier).

Why borrow an energy display monitor?

Evidence shows that using an energy display monitor from the library can help you to cut your electricity consumption and save money.

If you find the energy display useful you can borrow another one to try out. Or you can buy your own. Shops such as Argos, Tescos and John Lewis stock them. They cost between £20-£100. Some energy suppliers provide them free.

Investigate your energy use

Try turning off everything that you can in your home to get the monitor reading as low as possible. Then walk through all the rooms and try turning different appliances on, and see how the monitor reading increases each time. This should help you identify which of your appliances uses the most energy. You can also note down weekly or monthly use to see how this changes over time.

What kind of displays can I borrow?

Your local energy display library stocks three different types of energy displays: the Geo, the Onzo and the Owl. You can get more information about the different displays from the energy display library or Low Carbon Hook Norton.

Borrowing terms and conditions

  • Local residents can borrow the energy display for a period of up to 6 weeks at a time. (You can renew the loan for another six weeks if there are enough displays in the library to do so).
  • Borrowers will be asked to leave a contact name, address, telephone no and email when they borrow the displays
  • The librarian will check that all the component parts are intact when they return them
  • Borrowers will be asked to fill in a short feedback form when they return them
  • All the energy displays contain instructions to help the borrowers install and use the energy displays.
  • Jeremy Hayward from Hook Norton Low Carbon (jem at briksdal.co.uk .Tel – 01608 737717may be able to provide some initial support in helping set up the energy display monitors, if requested.

EVALOC is a research collaboration between Brookes University, Oxford University and six low carbon communities around England which is investigating the impacts of community groups on local energy behaviours and use. In addition to requesting borrowers to fill in a feedback form after borrowing the energy display monitors the research project will interview local households in depth about their experiences of the energy display monitors and of the LCC. The research findings will be used to help other communities to set up energy display libraries and help inform government policy.