Hook Norton Low Carbon’s main activity is to provide low cost funding for energy saving measures in the home.

This is achieved by a rolling loan fund, initially seeded by DECC money via the LCCC

How the loans scheme works:

We will lend money at competitive interest rates for any form of energy saving idea, with priority given to the more basic measures and we would expect borrowers to have a good understanding of the basics.  In other words we would be unlikely to fund solar PV on a house that has poor insulation and incandescent lighting throughout.

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Hook Norton Low Carbon members can also benefit from:

  • Community purchasing power for energy efficiency measures, which will bring lower prices.
  • Access to reputable installers of loft, cavity wall and solid wall insulation and renewable energy systems — for example, solar panels for electricity generation or hot water, air / ground-source heat pumps or wood pellet and log boilers/stoves for sustainable heating.
  • Hooky Car Club
  • Waste-oil biodiesel available in the village at roughly the same price as fossilfuel diesel but only 20 to 25% of the carbon emissions.
  • Renewable ‘green’ electricity available at prices comparable to standard ‘brown’ electricity through an affiliation scheme that we have set up with Green Energy UK. 5% of any money spent is given back to HNLC to fund other projects.
  • Competitive phone line rental (via Chipping Norton-based Phone Co-op). 6% of money spent is donated back to HNLC.