Smart Hooky – Frequently Asked Questions

Under a previous EST supported scheme we already have a meter capable of monitoring our electricity use. Do I need another?

This trial is using a different technology. An additional device will be fitted directly in your meter box to record your electricity consumption, which you will be able to view through a web portal. Your existing equipment will not be touched.

Is it permissible to fit a Smart Meter in the electricity company’s box?

We do not fit smart meters; we will only attach a small device next to the meter to measure electricity consumption. Only licenced Distribution Network Operators (DNO) and Electricity Retailers are allowed to put equipment in the box. Western Power Distribution is your local DNO.

Will the device be fitted by a qualified electrician?

The installation will be fitted by a qualified engineer from Western Power Distribution or an approved supplier working on their behalf.

I have recently installed PV solar panels. Will I be able to see production as well?

The device will only measure electricity flow at the boundary of your property. So you will only see the net electricity that you are importing. Electricity production from the solar panels can be viewed through the display monitor provided by the PV installer.

Why do you need consent for participation?

The first phase of the project was to register interest. To ensure residents understand what this trial is about we have asked them to confirm their participation in the project. We only need one consent per household.

I already have a monitoring device connected, which allows me to monitor usage inside the house on a display.

Display monitors are very useful to view what you are currently using and compare electrical consumption of various appliances. This trial will not only provide you with information about what you use (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis) but will also allow you to compare your consumption with similar houses in Hook Norton based on the type of property, number of households, type of heating system, etc. Data will be expressed as averages and not be specific for data protection purposes.

You will also be able to view the electricity consumption of the whole village and of each of the different zones.

My bungalow is all electric using External Heat Pumps for central heating.

The monitoring device will work for all types of heating system (oil, electric, renewables). Just bear in mind that during the installation of the device, the power will be switched off for approximately 30/40 minutes and therefore the central heating will not work. We will be in touch to discuss when the most convenient time is for you for the installation to be carried out.

If you have anymore questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact Delphine Wolfe on 01908 354533.