Only £2 per day

Amazing value

If you haven’t tried one yet, and want to see just how ideal they are for the hills around the village, just drop us a line (

Quotes from last year’s launch event included ‘Just brilliant I want to take it home with me’, ‘Okay I want one! It’s great; it’s like riding on the flat, it’s so easy!’, and ‘I love it it’s life changing’.

How it works:

If you want to be an e.bikes member, you need to be a member of Hook Norton Low Carbon, and then then the membership fee is only £5 a year and you can then rent as many bikes as you like (and are available) at £2 per bike per day. Email to sign up.

If you are not already a member of Hook Norton Low Carbon, you will need to apply for membership. (Click here for the form).

The bikes are booked via the ebikes website where you can check availability and book your bike(s).  You will be invoiced for your usage at the end of each month, and you then can pay your invoice by bank transfer (if your invoice is small, we may roll it over to the following month!).

The bikes live at the Sports and Social club, and there are even helmets and panniers available, if you need them (please email to check availability).

E-bike users share their experiences:

Jess & Keith