Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd is a Mutual Society set up for the benefit of the local community and environment.

Our purpose is to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the community by promoting the implementation of carbon reduction and renewable energy initiatives at a local and individual level within and around Hook Norton. Our key aim is to provide a legacy for future generations within Hook Norton and wider community where energy supply and usage does not impact upon our planet and lifestyle.

We are a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society, set up to help the community reduce its energy consumption, carbon emissions and save money.  We run a range of community-based schemes, including the provision of the solar panels and insulation work at the school and the Baptist Church, and also individual household projects based on interest-free or low cost loans.

We also have a Community Car Club and e-Bikes for hire, and a waste-oil biodiesel supply in the village.  We run ‘Community Swap Shops’ and we hold regular meeting on a wide range of topics, directly and indirectly linked to energy saving.

We generate electricity:  We have 100kWp of solar PV in addition to the School and Baptish Church – on a sunny day we can power 24 households.

This website holds information about various projects both current and historic, for current activity follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

For a £1 fee, anyone who supports the aims of HNLC can become a shareholder in HNLC and help run and benefit from the projects it undertakes.


Drive one of the greenest cars around and only pay pocket money!

Join Hooky Car Club for £5 per month and use our electric car for journeys at only 23p per mile plus 60p per hour. Drive up to 80 miles on a single electric charge using some of the solar power generated from the roof of Hook Norton Primary School.

Join up here.

Get a low cost loan and free help and advice to make your home more energy efficient

Solar Panels

There are many energy saving measures available through the Home Improvement Scheme. We can provide information on those measures, including the benefit they provide, both in carbon and financial terms and, how they work and the price range for installation.

Learn more here.

Hook Norton Community Housing

Hook Norton has an opportunity to build a small housing project that would deliver
affordable, sustainable homes to those in need with a strong local
connection. Find out the results of our recent survey, and watch the video to see the thoughts of some of the residents of Hook Norton.

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