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Hook Norton low Carbon – Homes For Hooky
Community Housing Survey Results

In March we delivered and collected our Community Housing
survey to over 1000 homes in Hooky and would like to thank
everyone who took the time to think over and tell us what they
thought. We had a fantastic response with 533 completed returns and the results of the consultation can be seen on the link below:
Housing Needs Survey Results

Watch our short film below and see what your friends and neighbours say about affordable community housing in Hook Norton.



Hook Norton Low Carbon Electric Bikes are Live!

Do you want to say goodbye to oil?  Click Here

March 2016 – 50kWp PV installation at Banbury Plant Hire




For those who haven’t heard of us, we are a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society, set up to help the community reduce its energy consumption, carbon emissions and save money.  We run a range of community-based schemes, including the provision of the solar panels and insulation work at the school, and also individual household projects based on interest-free or low cost loans.

We also have a Community Car Club and a waste-oil biodiesel supply, in the village, and run the Community Swap Shops every year.

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  Hook Norton Low Carbon wins European Award

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Energy Neutral Village

This Ace Award category is open to villages or communities of approx. 500-5,000 inhabitants, which demonstrate the steps taken towards becoming independent of fossil fuels and using carbon neutral energy sources in their day to day lives. The submission may consist of an elaborated plan on specific actions or projects for saving energy, using energy more efficiently and independently generating sustainable or renewable energy in the village.

And the winner is…

Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd!

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