We are excited to explore the idea of developing renewable energy sources such as a wind turbine/solar field.  This is a very exciting opportunity to help us make our community more sustainable and tackle the climate crisis. It could also enable the residents to benefit from the income generated.

We are now looking to you, our local community, to see whether you wish to engage with this opportunity.  The turbine/solar field will be owned by shareholders through a share offer and will benefit the communities of Hook Norton and the surrounding villages.  Accordingly, as part of our community and stakeholder engagement, we would really value your views and your support.

This scheme could deliver lifetime CO2e savings of almost 100,000 tons, depending on the technology chosen.

We plan on running a series of online and in person events to give you the opportunity to ask questions, and give us suggestions plus you will be able to hear from and meet a community ‘Hockerton Housing’ who have successfully implemented community energy in their village. Our survey is now live to gain feedback from our community.

This is our community, our opportunity, our evolution. Click here to find out more

This could be our joint contribution to make a huge difference at both a local level, but one that impacts globally in reducing the carbon footprint on our home plane


Drive one of the greenest cars around and only pay pocket money!

Join Hooky Car Club for £5 per month and use our electric car for journeys from 28p per mile plus 60p per hour. Drive up to 170 miles on a single electric charge using some of the solar power generated from the roof of Hook Norton Primary School or the Sports and Social Club. We also have a plug-in hybrid SUV for those longer journeys and bulkier loads.

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Get a low cost loan and free help and advice to make your home more energy efficient

Solar Panels

There are many energy saving measures available through the Home Improvement Scheme. We can provide information on those measures, including the benefit they provide, both in carbon and financial terms and, how they work and the price range for installation.

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