Join the greenest car club in Oxfordshire and start saving money!

Become a member of HNLC. Fill in the application form (pages 1-2 – click here for the online form). If you’re already a member of HNLC, please jump straight to step 2.

Become a member of HCC. Fill in the Hooky Car Club application form (page 2 – click here for the online form) then send an image of your driving licence to

Once your membership is confirmed, you’ll need to set up your standing order for your monthly membership subscription.  All the relevant information will be sent to you at this stage, and you’ll be able to book the cars.

Hooky Car Club – Join now for £5 per month

The Hooky Car Club runs a fleet of four plug-in cars. Two all-electric Renault Zoe’s. One all-electric Nissan Leaf and one plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander. The club is run by Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd.

Book your car on the internet for any period between one hour and a few days, collect it from the village and go where you like. Cars can be booked well in advance or at a moment’s notice.

To join you need to have held a full driving licence for at least a year with less than 6 points. You need to be over 20, and you need to be a member of Hook Norton Low Carbon.

The subscription is £5 per month paid by standing order to HNLC Ltd. A second member in a household qualifies for a reduced subscription of £2.50 a month. There is no requirement for an insurance deposit but members are responsible for the first £250 of any insurance claim (see the Terms & Conditions).

For any car you will only pay 60p per hour plus 28p per mile for the electric car or 44p per mile for the plug–in hybrid. All fuel is included in the price.