Monitor and manage electricity use

Smart Hooky LogoHook Norton Low Carbon Limited entered into a partnership with Western Power Distribution to enable householders to view their energy use data on a web portal and compare it with the highest, lowest and average usage across the village for similar types of properties and number of people in the house.

Since there was most interest expressed by residents fed by the Station Rd, East End, Bourne Lane and Southrop sub stations (see diagram below), those areas were chosen as the main areas for the Smart Hooky project.

Smart Hooky Project: Selected Smart Zones (click to enlarge)

As with many projects using leading edge technology, we experienced problems!  The system relied on communication via the electricity grid, which was theoretically possible, but when applied to a real world situation with a mixture of old and new electricity infrastructure, communication proved unreliable, so this project is currently on hold until a new technological solution can be found.