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Smart Hooky

Monitor and manage your electricity use

Smart Hooky LogoThis new and innovative project with Hook Norton Low Carbon Limited in partnership with Western Power Distribution will allow you to view your data on a web portal and compare it with the highest, lowest and average usage across the village for similar types of properties and number of people in the house. This will help you assess whether you can save money and reduce your electricity consumption. Only you will be able to view and access your data and your personal information is protected.

Since there was most interest expressed by residents fed by the Station Rd, East End, Bourne Lane and Southrop sub stations (see diagram below), these areas have been chosen as the main areas for the Smart Hooky project, though all residents in Hooky will be able to see the information for Hook Norton as a whole.

If you are interested in being part of the Smart Hooky trial, please complete this consent form. For more information about this project, you can download the Smart Hooky leaflet, read the FAQs or e-mail any questions by using the form below:

[onw_simple_contact_form to_email=”smarthooky@hn-lc.org.uk” subject=”Smarthooky Enquiry”]

Latest News:

11/03/13: Community event: Tuesday 12th March – 7:30pm @ The Brewery
20/03/12: Smart Hooky Press Release: 1st Village Homes Connect to Smart Grid
23/02/12: Smart Hooky Project – update on installation
04/01/12: Smart Hooky Project – Installation phase and prize draw

Prize Draw:

Also as a thank you, if you decide to be part of this project and you are in one of the four areas, there will be a prize draw with 6 prizes to be won:

Prize Value Number of prizes to be won
 1st Prize  Eurostar voucher £150 1 left
 2nd Prize  Restaurant vouchers £70 1 left
 3rd Prize  Village shop vouchers £30 2 left

The prize draw will take place once we have gathered all the participants. Results will be communicated directly to the winners and published through the Hook Norton Low Carbon website. 

Smart Hooky Project: Selected Smart Zones (click to enlarge)