At 39 Hollybush Road you can see a Portland Conservatory which was added to the house in 1994. This room was always cold except during warm summer days and required the use of a separate electric heater. The tinted polycarbonate roof provided little insulation (although it was quite dark). In addition it was extremely noisy when it rained, not only being heard in this room but across most of the rest of the house.


During 2010 the sealing between the ceiling panels started to deteriorate and several of the copper covers started to slide off. It was difficult finding somebody to repair this as Portland became bankrupt quite a few years ago. However after much searching I found that another company (Amdega – since bankrupt) had taken it over and that there were two small companies providing ongoing support, one for Scotland and one for England and Wales.

Steve Bidmead visited the house and agreed to provide a quote for the repairs, but also pointed out that new double glazed ceiling panels were now available to replace the old panels. It was also evident that the old panels would increasingly need repairing. I obtained quotations for both options and was interested in the replacement option. However this would cost approximately £4,000.

A loan repayable over three years from Hook Norton Low Carbon Limited enabled me to purchase the new roof which was installed in January 2011. This roof has transformed the room. It feels very light and airy and I have only used the electric fire once since the installation. The heat is retained but also on very sunny days, excess heat is reflected away.

Additional benefits include being able to see through the roof – it is a pleasure to watch the birds fly overhead. More important is the peace and quiet – the rain can just be heard – if one tries!


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