Oil, Low Carbon….?


Although it may seem strange for a Low Carbon group to be running an Oil Syndicate, the HNLC Board is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the community and providing information and support to those who would like to know more about converting from fossil fuels to green energy. 


Hook Norton Oil Syndicate was set up in September 2009 by William Stubbs. William ran the Syndicate until he moved away from the village in June 2014.

It is a no fee – non-profit – community project, and is now run under the umbrella of Hook Norton Low Carbon.

A bulk order is made every other month after the co-ordinator secures the best price locally and emails the members asking for individual orders (minimum of 300 litres).

Download the 2022 schedule of order dates or please check the village diary via the village website, or look out for reminders on the village facebook page.

Average savings are in the region of 5-6p per litre

The benefits of the scheme are;

• Discounted oil price for all members regardless of the size of individual orders.

• Reduced tanker traffic flow through the village so easing congestion

• Reduction in the carbon footprint of both the village and the oil supplier

• A ‘baby tanker’ delivery for members with access restrictions to their oil storage tank

If you would like to join the Oil Syndicate please fill in page 1 and page 5 of the HNLC online application form using the link on this page.  Please read the FAQ’s here for more information about how the scheme works, and if you have further questions after reading those, please email hooknortonoil@gmail.com


If you want to say goodbye to oil, and find out about alternative low carbon heating options, please click here.