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Additional information about using our cars and how to access them

The Cars

Find the car key in the keysafe near to where the car is parked. Inspect the outside of the car and the interior for tidiness. Report any damage or untidy condition on the tripsheet in the car. Note down the starting mileage, date and time. Enter your name and sign that you have checked the car inside and out.

Before you return the diesel cars check there is at least a quarter of a tank fuel remaining. If the car needs refuelling please let the Hooky Car Club coordinator know on After your journey fill in the mileage, time and date on the tripsheet, lock the car and return the key to the keysafe.

Fuel: When out and about fill up with ordinary diesel at a garage and reclaim the amount spent by leaving a VAT receipt in the car and recording the amount spent on the vehicle trip sheet.

The Polo will run on 100% waste-oil biodiesel fuel but the Skoda Octavia needs to be have at least 50% mineral diesel to prevent poor starting when the engine is warm. If starting does prove difficult, put your foot on the accelerator pedal and turn the ignition key.

The Zoe electric car should be plugged in to the charging point when left at the school and unplugged before being taken away. It may be plugged in to either a home 3-pin socket or a fast wall charger (type 2 – Mennekes ) when away from its base.

VW Polo


Our 2004 Volkswagen Polo (AF54 ZCX) runs on HVO biodiesel

Skoda Octavia

Our 2006 Skoda Octavia (GF56 URH) runs on HVO biodiesel

Renault Zoe

Our 2018 (CF68 ZGL) Renault Zoe runs on Electric generated from solar energy

Renault Zoe

Our 2013 (HY13 JYE) Renault Zoe runs on Electric generated from solar energy

The map below shows the car docking locations. Each car is assigned a docking station and that car must be picked up and returned to its designated docking station. The docking station designations are detailed on the booking system when you book the car. Please read the booking system notes carefully as cars may be moved between docking stations from time to time

Breakdown Information

  1. Call Hooky Car Club coordinator: 07535 345885 or email on (we have more people monitoring the email, so it can sometimes be the quickest route)
  2. Call Breakdown Cover call centre and quote the policy number; Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd is the policyholder. Breakdown assistance is with Start Rescue (Policy START/570626) and the assistance telephone numbers are 01206 785 999 or 0333 320 0975
  3. If the vehicle can be started and is safe to drive, please notify Hooky Car Club Coordinator immediately
  4. If the vehicle cannot be started please instruct Recovery vehicle to return it to Southcombe Garage, Oxford Road, Chipping Norton, OX7 5QH. Tel: 01608 643999.
  5. In the event of an accident follow the instructions above and policy statements appropriate to Hooky Car Club. The cars are insured by Hook Norton Low Carbon Ltd, Registered address: The Brewery, Brewery Lane, Hook Norton, Banbury OX15 5NY. Zurich Insurance plc, policy number XAO-2720525423
  6. Do not accept liability for the accident
  7. Complete a brief description of the accident
    • Date and time of accident
    • Exact location
    • Speed of vehicle
    • Speed limit at location of accident
  8. Note witness names and addresses
    • Were police called to the accident?
    • Name and number of police officer
  9. If problem cannot be solved call Hooky Car Club coordinator: 07535 345885 or email on (we have more people monitoring the email, so it can sometimes be the quickest route)