Our Aims:

  • Our key aim is to provide a legacy for future generations within Hook Norton and wider community where energy supply and usage does not impact upon our planet and lifestyle.
  • Achieve a measured community-wide reduction in energy usage:
    • Develop support mechanisms in understanding and influencing behavioural changes in lifestyles  to achieve a low carbon community
    • e.g. measurement through links to the Oxford University EVALOC research project and the Smart Hooky smart grid project with Western Power.
  • Continue the successful householder loans scheme to help everyone reduce the amount of energy we need to heat and power their homes:
    • as a minimum we want to ensure that all homes in Hooky have the opportunity to install adequate loft insulation, draught proofing and, where possible, filled cavity walls.
  • Offer viable alternatives to personal car use for transport to and from HN:
    • e.g.: development of Hooky Car Club and the community waste-oil biodiesel fuel tank – possible extension to wider public transport provision.
  • Investigate and develop community led initiatives for alternative sources of energy, where applicable in partnership with local businesses.
    • e.g.: investigating the viability of an anaerobic digestion plant in partnership with Hook Norton Brewery, using brewery waste as source of energy.
    • e.g.: collecting wind speed data from a ‘met mast’ and encouraging local debate on the issues arising from possible wind power developments.
  • Partner with providers of low carbon alternative technologies and derive a benefit back to HNLC to help fund our activities:
    • e.g. affiliation schemes with Green Energy UK and the Phone Co-op and links to renewables suppliers such as Southern Solar and Solar Tech.
  • Assess whether HNLC should play a role in providing affordable & low carbon housing development in the community:
    • Feasibility of developing Hook Norton Community Land Trust or similar, that could be the legal entity to take a lead in new homes in our community;
    • Develop opportunities to partner with Cherwell DC and Sanctuary (ex-Charter) Housing Group.
  • One of our over-arching aims is to reach all sections of our community, especially the elderly, disadvantaged and low income households.

December 2011

(Based on the priorities outlined at our first AGM in May 2011)