Sustainability is at the heart of both Hooky Hub and Hook Norton Low Carbon. We want to share our space with individuals that are also committed to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Be part of something really special! In choosing to work at the Hooky Hub you will be working in a low carbon space. From our zero waste washing up brushes to the energy improvement plans for the building itself   

You will also be joining a community of like minded people so we hope that you will connect, collaborate and inspire one another to help make the world a better place.  

Whilst it’s necessary for us to tell you about our terms and conditions to help ensure that we can provide and safe and productive workspace, we would also like to take a moment to ask you to consider your own wellbeing and work practices. Take regular breaks from the screen and remember to blink, get up and stretch from time to time and recognise when you’re feeling stressed. Do go and grab a free coffee from the kitchen and take some time to relax, you might meet somebody new and you never know when inspiration will strike.  

Co-working user Policy

We want you to enjoy working in our space and find it productive, collaborative and fun; it is however necessary to inform you of our expectations for when you use the space so we can ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

We are committed to providing a safe space for all our Hooky Hub residents.

We welcome all feedback and would love to know your thoughts on how we can improve the space and our offering.

You are responsible for your conduct and the conduct of your team and your guests. 

We reserve all rights to restrict access and cancel the membership of any co working residents or guests if they do not abide by our conduct expectations. This does not affect any bills due to you and no refund will be made.

We will not tolerate any activity which we perceive to be offensive or abusive in any way. 

Please be mindful of your language, as what you may consider to be acceptable may not be considered okay by others.

Treat each other respectfully. Discrimination of any sort is not acceptable.

Please ensure the space is left tidy after use, suitable recycling bins are available. 

Lockers and storage are available to our permanent desk subscribers. Unlocked storage may be available to other subscribers; please ask one of the Hooky Hub team. Please do not assume that an empty locker is available. 

Communal spaces such as ‘the playground’ and the seating areas are available for everyone, please make use of them as you like but we ask that you do not use a shared area all day. Allow time and space for the rest of the Hooky Hub community to gain access too.

Our space is open plan and we understand that you may need to make calls as part of your working day. Please use the booths upstairs where possible and be mindful of making calls that can be disruptive to others. Please use a headset wherever possible.

Most people prefer to work in a quieter environment so please respect sound levels and help to create a productive working environment (we may ask you to stop or move if you are having a loud call or meeting that is causing disruption to people nearby).

Booths can be booked for anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours for meetings, video or conference calls and other activities that may be disruptive in the open plan space.

Personal items are your responsibility and should not be left unattended. We will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to your personal property.

Kitchen Facilities

The kitchen area is communal and for all to use so please take care of the equipment and crockery provided. 

We kindly ask that you clear your desk and return (and wash up) any mugs and crockery to the kitchen area at the end of day cleaning. 

Please take care of your own food. Fridges will be checked and we will dispose of any food that appears to be out of date, uncovered or abandoned. If you are leaving food overnight in the fridge please ensure it is clearly labelled, dated and in a sealed container.

Please use the kettle and microwave with care. Do not put any metal items into the microwave. 

Smelly food can be unpleasant and disruptive to others so please keep hot and strong-smelling food away from the open plan work areas. 

You may only use the electrical equipment provided. You must not bring in any cooking or electrical kitchen equipment into use without prior consent as they can be a health and safety hazard. All equipment we provide is PAT tested regularly. 

Free tea and coffee

Co-working users are entitled to free tea and coffee which are provided in the kitchen. This includes a choice of plant based and cow’s milk

Toilet facilities

These facilities are provided for everyone to use. We ask that you treat them with respect and leave them in a state you would like to find them.

If for any reason toilet and show standards do not meet your expectations, please let a member of the Hooky Hub team know as soon as possible.

We want to make sure that this environment is inclusive for all and we think it’s important to note that not all disabilities are visible, the disabled toilet may be used by anyone that feels they would benefit from those facilities. 

Health and Safety

Please adhere to all the safety procedures implemented by the Hooky Hub team.

Fire and evacuation procedures are displayed on notices around the building and the full policy is available on request from the Hooky Hub team.

Anyone not following these procedures may be asked to leave.

Opening times

Our normal opening times for the co-working space are 8:00am to 6pm Monday to Friday. It will be possible to access the space outside these times although Hook Norton Low Carbon may run events in the space outside of these times. For this reason please contact a member of our team if you wish to gain access outside of standard operating hours.

Subscribers will be given instructions on how to open and lock up and a key will be made available using a secure key safe.

Our permanent desk packages allow you to have access to the space outside of our main opening hours and further procedures will apply so you will be given an induction and briefing upon joining. 

Visitors and guests that are not registered users are not permitted entry outside of our normal opening times for any reason. 

We reserve the right to refuse anyone access if we feel that the space is being used inappropriately, or these rules are being breached. 


We may ask for deposits for Hooky Hub subscriptions. 


We will use QuickBooks to invoice for your Hub use or may request that a standing order is set up.

We reserve the right to charge £20 per failed payment or per day for any sum of money that accrues and is owed to Hooky Hub. Repeat offenders may have their membership terminated. 

We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone with an outstanding debt.

Booths, Visitors and Guests

Bookings for the booths can be made through the booking system. 

If you wish to hold a meeting upstairs, there is no charge for additional guests attending the meeting but they may only access the meeting space during the reserved times. 

In addition to the subscription model, users will be able to use a ‘pay as you go’ model where a set amount of days can be bought up front and used over a 12 month period.

Anyone using the co-working space must have either a subscription or a pay as you go account set up.

If you have a permanent office you may bring in guests and visitors to your office space at your discretion but only within our normal opening times.

All visitors and guests will need to sign in and out of our guest book.  

You are responsible for your guests at all times when using the space, they must remain accompanied and adhere to all aspects of our terms and conditions.  

News, updates and marketing

When you register with Hooky Hub you will automatically be included in necessary Hooky Hub Co working updates through our members portal.

We have a physical Hook Norton Low Carbon news and message board in the co-working space. You are welcome to add to it. We will occasionally tidy and curate it from time to time to keep things up to date and looking good. We cannot guarantee that we will not remove something newly added by mistake. Please keep this board appropriate and accessible to all. No offensive, pornographic or oversized materials please. 

And as always do feedback to us about content and news you would like or not like to be included and shared within the community.


Use of the wireless network is subject to the general restrictions outlined below. If abnormal, illegal, or unauthorized behavior is detected, including heavy consumption of bandwidth, we reserve the right to permanently disconnect the offending device from the wireless network.

Examples of Illegal Uses

The following are representative examples only and do not comprise a comprehensive list of illegal uses:

  • Spamming and invasion of privacy 
  • Fraudulent activities; seeking information or data belonging to another user
  • Hacking interfering with or attempt to interfere with the network or any other user’s equipment
  • Distributing viruses or malware
  • The transfer of technology, software, or other materials in violation of applicable export laws and regulations.
  • Intellectual property right violations
  • Using the Service in violation of applicable law and regulation
  • Distribution of pornographic materials 

Examples of Unacceptable Uses

The following are representative examples only and do not comprise a comprehensive list of unacceptable uses:

  • High bandwidth operations, such as large file transfers and media sharing with peer-to-peer programs (i.e. torrents)
  • Obscene or indecent speech or materials
  • Defamatory, hateful or abusive language

Under 18s and work experience

For health and safety and safeguarding reasons under 18’s may not enter the co working space unaccompanied by an adult. Under 18s are not permitted to register for hot desking or co working services.

Children may occasionally be permitted to enter for brief visits but only at the discretion of the Hooky Hub team. 

16 to 17 year olds may complete work experience with prior agreement from the Hooky Hub Team but cannot be registered as individual users. They may only attend the space as a guest and must always be accompanied and supervised. 

Pets and animals

Assistance dogs may be permitted with prior consent from the Hooky Hub team. However this will be and remain at the sole discretion of the Hooky Hub team and if any other co-workers suffer from concerns including but not limited to allergies then we reserve the right to refuse entry. 

The final pet and animal policy will be discussed and agreed with users and subscribers once the Hub is open. 


Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Drugs are not allowed on-site and any incidences may be reported to the police without prior notice.

Smoking including E-cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the shared outdoor areas and anywhere indoors including in the toilets