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Community Housing


The aim of the survey was to gather the views of the community on
the opportunity for a small housing project that would deliver
affordable, sustainable homes to those in need with a strong local
connection. The great response to the survey provided a strong
indication of community feeling and included many thoughtful and
informative comments. It clearly showed wide support for the
project with 74% of respondents feeling that the current housing
situation in the village needed addressing whilst 26% felt that the
present housing mix was just right. Some respondents from this
group expressed concerns that the village had already reached
capacity and that the existing infrastructure would be stretched.37 people indicated that they would like to live in one of the
proposed homes and we will be following up this group with a
more detailed questionnaire that will provide all the information that
will be needed to take things forward for the feasibility study.Features that emerged with strong support include:
o Mixed age groups living side by side
o Sustainable homes with low running costs
o Homes that relate well to the existing architecture of Hooky
o Landscaping that is wildlife friendly
o Provision of smaller affordable homes

Read the full survey here.

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